Welcome to Service Blocker

Service Blocker protects your site and your customers' sensitive information from malware, content tampering, formjackers, and more. It also protects your bottom line by allowing you to detect and block browser extensions that give customers unauthorized coupons and direct them away from your site.

Service Blocker includes the following features: 

Service Blocker

Service Blocker uses Content Security Policies to block all unknown services from accessing your site's pages. Rather than creating a list of bad actors to block, you choose which trusted services can access your site.

You can further protect forms, customer data, cookies, and session storage through page security rules, which control which services can access each of those page elements.

Journey Shield

Journey Shield allows you to detect and block browser extensions that search for coupon codes or direct shoppers to buy your products from competitors. If you don't want to block the extensions, you can choose to simply detect them and gather data on how often they are used.

Diagnostics and Data

Service Blocker's dashboards show you how often blocked services and extensions are attempting to access your site. You can use them to identify any potential problems with your CSPs, page security rules, or Journey Shield setup. You can also use them to gather data on services you have set Service Blocker to flag or detect, but not block.

Service Blocker is available for purchase as an add-on to Yottaa or Edge Acceleration.