Quality Assurance Checklist

We recommend using this checklist to test your site, in addition to any internal QA checklists your company has created. Our list is categorized by page type.

You do not need to quality test pages for which Yottaa is not enabled.






Do the colors, fonts, and styles appear as expected?




Do pop-ups appear in the correct area?




Does global navigation appear and function as expected?




Do audio and video files load properly?




Do social widgets work correctly?




Do pixel tags work?




Does chat work as expected?




Does search work?




Does autocomplete work?




Does the cart appear as expected on each page?




Home Page

Does the carousel appear as intended and do the images, buttons, and scrolling work?





Do grid images load correctly?




Do product quickviews work?




Can you sort and filter products as expected?




Do thumbnail images appear as intended?




Product Display Pages

Does product image zoom work?




Can you add items to the cart?




Do color, size, and other options appear as expected?




Do product reviews appear and function as expected?




Do recommendation carousels appear and function as expected?





Are items in the cart correct?




Can you get to checkout?




Does the payment system work?