Welcome to Rapid CTRL

Install Guide

With Rapid CTRL, you can accelerate and optimize your eCommerce site's performance, improving the shopper experience across devices and increasing conversion rates. Here is a quick overview: 

Performance Rule Configuration

Performance rules are the engine that makes Rapid CTRL run. They control how third parties load on your site, resulting in a faster and more consistent online shopping experience for your audience. With the Brand CTRL add-on, you can also protect your site from security threats.


Dashboards show you more granular data about your site. Use them to monitor site performance and investigate any issues that arise. Dashboards display detailed data on Traffic, Performance metrics including Google's Core Web Vitals, and Violations. You can also see how Yottaa is improving your site on the Yottaa's Impact Dashboard dashboard

Anomaly Detection

After you set up anomaly detection, Yottaa sends Slack or email alerts to warn you when your site is behaving unusually. Anomalies can give you early warnings about errors that impact site performance.


Take advantage of Yottaa’s treasure trove of data on the Community tab, where you can compare your site’s performance to that of others that use the same platforms and get access to the Yottaa Third-party Knowledge Base.

Rapid CTRL is a robust tool with a variety of features. Check out our blog for frequent updates.

For help with any Rapid CTRL feature, call Yottaa’s support team at support@yottaa.com or (877) 767-0154.