Performance Inventory

The Performance Inventory page shows a list of all the third parties running on your site ranked by the number of page delay violationsClosed When a resource that loads before onload takes longer than a set number of milliseconds to load. they are causing. Use this dashboard to determine which third parties are good candidates for Yottaa optimization.

To open the Performance Inventory page, click Inventory > Performance.

The following image shows the column headers that appear by default.


The third party's category according to the Yottaa Third-party Knowledge Base


The date that Yottaa first detected the third party on your site.


The percent of your site's pages on which third party appears.


This drop-down controls which page category the list displays third parties for. By default, the page displays third parties for all the pages on your site.


Type a word in the box to search your third-party inventory.

F Click to open the Customize Performance Columns slider. Using the slider, you can set which columns display and in which order. You can also use the slider to change the default settings for the page.

Details View

To see details about a third party, click the arrow next to the third party name.

The details view shows the third party name, logo, hosts, and Performance Index Rating.

The Performance Index Rating (PIR) uses Yottaa-exclusive data to evaluate the performance of a third party across the industry. The rating does not necessarily represent the third party's impact on your site. PIR ratings include: 

PIR red Consistent negative impact on performance
Inconsistent negative impact on performance
PIR green Little to no impact on performance.

The details view also displays the following tables. Click the drop-down to select which table you want to view: 

Most Viewed Pages The most viewed pages on which the third party appears. Click a URL to copy it or to open the page in your browser
Top Resources The resources that the third party loads. Click a URL to copy it or to open the resource in your browser.