Third-party Knowledge Base

This page contains data gathered from all sites that use Yottaa. You can use it to see how third parties tend to perform and what percent of sites use them. For example, if you are having problems with a particular third party, you can investigate whether it tends to slow down sites. If you are deciding whether to use a third party, you can investigate whether it is likely to cause problems on your site.

Click a column header to sort the list by that column.


A PIR (Performance Index Rating).  This rating uses Yottaa-exclusive data to evaluate the performance of a third party across the industry.

PIR ratings include: 

Consistent negative impact on performance
Inconsistent negative impact on performance
Little to no impact on performance.
B The percent of Yottaa sites on which the third party loads.
C Whether or not you have the third party installed on your site.
D The third party category. These categories are set by the Knowledge Base.
E Click to filter the list based on whether the third party is installed on your site.
F Click to the filter the list by PIR.
G Type text into the box to search for a specific third party or category.

Details View

To see further details about a third party, click the arrow next to the third party name. The details view also displays the following tables. Click the drop-down to select which table you want to view: 

Site Usage A bar graph that shows what percent of Yottaa sites had the third party installed every month over the past year.
Performance Index Rating Shows the Performance Index Rating for the third party for each month over the past year.

To open the Third-party Details page, which shows information about how the third party is performing on your site, click Third-party Details.