Users, Roles, and Privileges for Rapid CTRL

If you are the Organization Administrator, you can add user accounts to your organization. Yottaa users log in with a user id and a password and an optional dual-factor authentication code. When you create a user account you can grant one or more of the following roles, depending on the user's level of responsibility and the typical tasks they perform in your organization.

The table below describes the user roles available in Yottaa, and the privileges of each role. Any other roles visible in the drop-down list when you create a user should not be granted except at the direction of Customer Success.




Organization Persona Manager


Full ability to manage user accounts. No other privileges.

Org Admin - Rapid

Rapid CTRL

Organization administrator privileges, with read/write access to all system data and settings, system accounts, and user accounts for the organization, for Rapid CTRL only.

Organization Finance Administrator


Can view and edit the credit card on file and the balance of the account. The user with this privilege is the email contact for Yottaa Billing.

Organization Editor


Similar to the Org Admin role. Can make changes to all areas of the platform, however they cannot create or modify accounts.. Applies to both Super Accelerator and Rapid CTRL.

Organization Viewer


Has view-only access to all the organization configurations and settings that the Org Admin role can edit.