The Performance Rules Page

Performance rules optimize your site's performance and usability. No one individual rule will completely optimize your site — they work as a set to configure how and when third parties load.

On the Performance Rules page, you can create, edit, copy, and delete rules.

The Performance Rules page shows all the published and unpublished rules for your site. Performance rules appear in hierarchical order, with each rule overriding all the rules below it.

Changing the order of the rules, particularly the All Third Parties rule, could prevent proper functioning of your site. Contact Customer Success if you have questions about the order in which your rules appear.

You can change the order of the rules by clicking the dots to the left of the rule name and dragging. You cannot sort the list by column heading.

The Type and Rule columns show what type of rule it is, what resource it applies to, and what the rule settings are. For JavaScript rules, the JavaScript appears in the Rule column.

The Status column shows whether the rule is currently active on your site. A rule can have the following statuses: 

Status Description
Live The rule is active on your site. A rule only becomes live once you have published it.
Disabled The rule is not active on your site, but has not been deleted. You may want to disable certain rules for testing.
Pending The rule has not yet been published and is not active on your site. Click Publisher to publish the rule.

To edit, delete, or change the status of a rule, click to the right of the rule.