Data on Third Parties

The Yottaa portal contains a wealth of data on third parties, both on how they affect your site and how they perform across various platforms and verticals. You can get an overview of third party performance on your site on the Performance Inventory and Service Flow pages, and drill down into specific third party performance on the Third-party Details page. Data on how third parties perform across the industry is available on the Third-party Knowledge Base.

Here's how to access each page with data on third parties: 



How to Access
Performance Inventory

A list of all the third parties running on your site ranked by the number of page delay violationsClosed When a resource that loads before onload takes longer than a set number of milliseconds to load. they are causing.

Inventory > Performance

Service Flow

A waterfall view of all the third parties on your site in the order in which they load.

Inventory > Service Flow

Third-party Details Page

Detailed information about how a single third party impacts your site.

  • From the Performance Inventory page, the Services Inventory Page, or Service Flow, click a third party in the list to see the details view. Then click Third Party Details.

  • Click Inventory > Third-party Details and search for or click the third party that you want to view details for.

Third-party Knowledge Base

An inventory of all the third parties that Yottaa tracks and how they perform across sites.

Benchmarks > Third-party Knowledge Base