Welcome to Super Accelerator

Super Accelerator is a powerful tool for speeding up and protecting your site. When you become a Super Accelerator customer, Yottaa's reverse proxy allows us to become your CDN, optimize your content, control third parties, and protect your customers' data with a Web Application Firewall (WAF). Here is a quick overview: 

Content Optimization

Having Yottaa as a reverse proxy allows us to optimize your content in numerous ways from compressing and transcoding images to using InstantOn, our proprietary feature that selectively caches HTML elements for faster page loading. We optimize 99 percent of your traffic, and route the remaining 1 percent through your origin server as a control to help you understand how well Yottaa is working.

Data and Analytics

Super Accelerator provides you with dashboards that help you understand the traffic flowing to your site. The Super Accelerator dashboards show information that Yottaa gathers from the servers, so they update in real time.

As a Super Accelerator customer, you also have access to all Rapid CTRL performance data. The Rapid CTRL dashboards show information that Yottaa gathers from your users' browsers.

Third Party Control

Super Accelerator also improves performance by controlling when and how third parties load on your site. Sequencing the loading of third parties saves significant time, which means a lower bounce rate and higher conversions.


All Super Accelerator customers get protection from Yottaa's Web Application Firewall (WAF). Customer Success helps you create rules to allow, block, throttle, or redirect traffic that might put your site at risk. Customers can also add additional security options, including:

  • Advanced WAF, which uses an OWASP ruleset for enhanced security and threat detection.

  • Bot detection and mitigation.

Alerts and Anomaly Detection

You can define alerts in the Super Accelerator portal to notify you of any potential issues on your site. For example, you might want to receive an alert when your site reaches a certain amount of 4xx response codes within a specific timeframe.

You can also set up anomaly detection, a Rapid CTRL feature that notifies you whenever anything out of the ordinary happens on your site.


For help with any Super Accelerator feature, contact Customer Success at support@yottaa.com or call us at (877) 767-0154